WestCoast A Big Step Towards Digitalisation


October 30, 2018
Photo: Rolls Royce Oy Ab

Rolls Royce is a forerunner in designing autonomous ships.



Thrusters, deck machinery, maintenance services in Rauma, Remote Controlled & Autonomous Ships centre in Turku, water-jet equipment in Kokkola.
Primary market area:

global market
Founded: 1988
Turnover: EUR 251 million (2017)
Staff: 550

Rolls Royce Oy Ab
Address: Suojantie 5, FI-26100 Rauma, FINLAND
Telephone: +358 2 83 791


Rolls Royce is executing its phased plan towards digital integration. All functions are developed with the help of technology related to the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and virtual technology.
– We develop our production in the direction of augmented reality and DigiTwins, i.e. making virtual models of the product. Some of the plans are already in motion, some are still in development, and some will be taken into use later, director Olli Rantanen says.
– A virtual model of a thruster includes all the machinery’s details, and we can simulate operation with DigiTwins to collect data on operating conditions and the thruster’s durability in different situations. This data is used in proactive maintenance, says Iiro Lindborg, General Manager of the Remote & Autonomous Solutions unit.
Rolls Royce’s maintenance is performed on ships. Product performance is monitored in real-time at the condition monitoring centre.
– In the future, a maintenance mechanic will be able to just pop on an artificial intelligence helmet and allow a product specialist to see his view and instruct him remotely from shore, Rantanen continues.
– Since we have new manufacturing technologies at our disposal, such as 3D printing, the need for traditional maintenance in autonomous ships is reduced or removed entirely. Ships with artificial intelligence also affect port operations, and we can estimate the ships’ arrival times even better, Lindborg says.


Rolls Royce manufactures thrusters at a new assembly plant at Seaside Industry Park Rauma. In addition, deck machinery for ships is constructed in Rauma, and condition monitoring for machinery, post-marketing and servicing is also carried out there.
– We have deployed a production system that enables the closer monitoring of material flow and data visualisation in all stages of the process with the help of IoT technology, says Director Olli Rantanen.
– As we now have the new facility, the manufacturing of those thrusters has become modern assembly work, says Business Development Manager Kristina Elo.