Pillars of Global Leadership

Satakunta Chamber of Commerce magazine 2/2024 Editorial

Managing a global company requires trust and harmonization, along with a strong understanding of cultural differences.

Trust and harmonization are essential for building teams and ensuring smooth operations across the world.

For hybrid work models to succeed, again, trust is crucial. This trust must exist between employees, supervisors, and teams, ensuring everyone delivers high-quality work and receives the necessary support,
no matter where they are located. Often, managers and team members are in different countries and time zones, making trust the cornerstone of effective collaboration.

"We recruitlocal experts who align with ourvalues and goals.

Understanding cultural differences is vital as these differences affect everyday interactions and work environments. However, for a global company to excel, it must also harmonize its operations by fostering a strong, unified company culture across all countries.

Maaret Kulo

At Cimcorp, we reach out for this balance through continuous coaching, training, and support for both supervisors and employees.

As Cimcorp expands into new markets, local expertise becomes crucial. Quite often, we send experienced Cimcorpers to new locations. Then, we recruit local experts who align with our values and goals. These local hires are key to establishing and growing our presence, leveraging their networks to drive success.

Building an internationally known employer brand is especially important in new markets to help build trust to the applicants. While Cimcorp is well-known in places like Satakunta, Finland, we still face challenges in the recruitment pipeline, especially for specialized roles.

Language skills often come up in international recruitment discussions, but for us, English is the official company language, which reduces language barriers. The focus is on inclusion; integrating international employees into team dynamics and informal interactions, like coffee breaks.

In summary, trust and harmonization, coupled with cultural understanding and strategic recruitment, are key to successfully managing a growing and modern company. These elements not only improve operational efficiency but also contribute to employee experience.

Maaret Kulo

Vice President,
Corporate Human Reseources
Cimcorp Oy