Art of Unexpected Experiences

The appointment of the new CEO signifies a homecoming, as Pori Jazz embarks on a journey
to blend tradition with innovation in Finland’s vibrant music scene.

Sampsa Jolma. Image: Veera Korhonen

Sampsa Jolma, a true Pori native at heart, was nominated as the CEO of Pori Jazz last year.

He is excited about the opportunity, especially as he gets to work on matters close to his heart.

“I’ve always had a connection to Pori, having lived here for the majority of my life. The opportunity to lead Pori Jazz came after my tenure at Radio Pori. The transition felt natural, given my entrepreneurial spirit and passion formusic”, Jolma says.

As CEO, Jolma relishes the freedom to delve into diverse event management realms. In an association-based model, task diversity is an advantage. Unlike in large corporations, the CEO engages in all organizational facets, from event planning to artist relations.

“We aim to remove barriers to enjoyment.”

Blending Tradition with Innovation

Pori Jazz Festival is renowned for its diverse lineup. Geographical constraints and artists’ schedules play vital roles in hosting major international artists.

The most convenient option is to integrate the artist’s appearance into their existing Nordic tour itinerary, as long as it aligns with the schedule of Pori Jazz.

Regarding the future of Pori Jazz, Jolma expresses optimism tempered with a need for adaptation:

“We boast a strong brand, but development is inevitable. Innovation requires deliberate effort. Our goal is to offer audiences diverse and surprising experiences.”

Boundless Customer Experience

Improving customer experience is constantly in focus at Pori Jazz. Every year, efforts are made to enhance customer comfort and access towards a holistic festival experience.

“We aim to remove barriers to enjoyment. For example, this year, we’re reimagining our layout to enhance the attendee flow between the stages, fostering a more seamless experience. The gates between the licensed areas
will be removed, allowing people freely move between stages”, Jolma explains.

Jolma encourages local businesses to actively reach out regarding customer relationships and collaboration opportunities. Pori Jazz offers authentic, international experiences in the heart of summer, featuring also less-known artists for the audience to discover.

Satakunta Chamber of Commerce magazine 2/2024 Building a Better Future